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Double Fond Box Call for Pricing (**) Double Fond Box Product Details
E. Böttcher "Skarabaus" Call for Pricing (**) Product Details
Egyptian Sand Call for Pricing (**) Micro-Magic at its best! Ancient Magical Mysteries. Limited Edition! Collection E.M. Product Details
F. Danis "Wishing Temple" Call for Pricing (*) A special collector edition of the “Ring Cabinet” from a Master. This is Nr. 1 of 12. The props are housed in a superb wooden chest made of oak plywood.Very collectible! Product Details
F. Danis "C. De Quercy's Curse" Call for Pricing (*) Three effects with only one item! The carrying case is made of nice heavy oak plywood, with a splendid mapple inlay on the lid. Each set is numbered and signed. This is a must to have for collectors. Product Details
F. Danis "Feeling of Paddles" Call for Pricing (*) A scarce and georgeous magic apparatus that brings the magic by itself ! Product Details
F. Danis "Lian Chu" Call for Pricing (*) A Top quality prop designed especially for the close-up performer. Collectors edition. Product Details
F. Danis "The Mummy" Call for Pricing (*) A Top quality prop designed especially for the close-up performer. Product Details
Flower Productions Call for Pricing (**) Product Details
Gerlitz's "Card To Money Clip" Call for Pricing (*) G. Guerra: Powerful Mental Effect! Clearly my favorite. The prop looks ordinary enough to divert suspicion but, more importantly, it all works effortlessly so you can concentrate on presentation. Only 30 sets were made. Product Details
Gerlitz's "Doesn't Matter" Call for Pricing (*) Outstanding! It has excelled my expectations. There was no question that the Oriental appearance to the apparatus looked admirable, it is truly beautiful! George Guerra Product Details
Gerlitz's "Family Ties" Call for Pricing (*) Not only a fantastic effect; this is a puzzling-visual ribbon restoration utilizing very sophisticated engineering! This incredible version behind the simple looking props hides an intricate and ingenious mechanism! R#03 Product Details
Gerlitz's "La Glace Liquide" Call for Pricing (*) Outstanding! Gorgeus in every respect: in charm, in engineering, in working. Not only a beautiful Art Nouveau mirror; this is may be the Richard Gerlitz’s finest creation to date. Limited production only 30 made, released on June 2009. Product Details
Gerlitz's "Modern Math" Call for Pricing (*) It is truly exquisite in appearance and construction. Another masterpiece from Richard. Only 23 sets were manufactured, released on April 2006. R#07 Product Details
Gerlitz's "Mystic Mummy" Call for Pricing (*) WOW…What a MUMMY!! All other Mummies pale next to these Beauties! Only 20 sets were manufactured. Released on June 2003. R#20 Product Details

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