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Anverdi "Universal Bottle" Call for Pricing (**)Original Anverdi Bottle, good conditions. Product Details
Bill Tube Call for Pricing Bill Tube,England 1960 circa. Very good conditions Product Details
Breakaway Fan Call for Pricing (**) Breakaway Fan. Collection A.V. Product Details
Bustelli "Il Mistero delle Mummie" Call for Pricing Inzany-Henley set of Mummies. Very Good conditions.Scarce, only 4 made or sold by the famous Italian Magician Bustelli in the 50' Product Details
Cagliostro's Key Call for Pricing A mechanical marvel, a masterpiece of precision! Easy to do, a very collectible piece. Rare to find. From the 80' Product Details
Card Box Call for Pricing (**) Vintage Card Box Roterberg - england 1920. Good condition. Collection Product Details
Clarence Miller "Chalet" Call for Pricing (**) Product Details
Cleopatra's Hand Call for Pricing (**) Original Cleopatra's Hand from Zauber Zentrale. Mint condition. Very colectible Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Silver Odissey I" Call for Pricing CW Silver Odissey I. In perfect Mint condition. Masterpiece of precision engineering. Mechanical. Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Silver Odissey II" Call for Pricing CW Silver Odissey II. Mint condition. Masterpiece of precision engineering. Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Book Of Spells" Call for Pricing (**) You've never seen anything like it. Inspired by the imagination of Dr. Stanley Jaks and the beauty of a 17th century bible, is presented with great pride. The Book of Spells is a work of sheer artistry Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Chaplin Candle" Call for Pricing (**) Chaplin Candle a really comedy act in a very small space, ideal for saloon and theatre. Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Clock of San Marcos" Call for Pricing (**) Collection A.V. Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Coin Classic" Call for Pricing (**) An exquisite custom-crafted mechanism does all the work. No sleights, complete with all necessary props. Ideal for Close Up Product Details
Collectors' Workshop "Creation" Call for Pricing An unusual and extremely original close up & saloon effect. Scarce, in mint condition. Product Details

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