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Collectors' Workshop "Tray O' Doom"

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Product Description

This is another of the almost permanently Out Of Stock items from Collector's Workshop. Too much bother to make, I guess. But, this fabulous prop could hardly be called relatively simple! This is the “Tray Of Doom” and it is hands down the best prop of this genre. It happens with the magician nowhere near the spectator and it looks ultra expensive so it will definitely shock your audience into a loud gasp when the spectator "drops" the tray and chalice. For those who don't know what the effect is, the magician shows a beautiful silver and gold chalice which he claims is an heirloom handed down by his great-great grandfather, a famous magician. He then proposes to present a trick using the gorgeous cup and asks a spectator to come up and hold the tray that carries the chalice. He implores him to be very careful as the vessel has sentimental as well as financial value to him. He then steps away to begin the trick. In around 12 seconds, the tray will completely collapse dumping the "heirloom" to the floor with a loud crash! It's a great bit. This incredible item is an engineer's dream when you open it up and look inside. It is completely electronic. As you hand the tray to the spectator you simply flip a little switch and a timer begins. In about 12 seconds a powerful miniature servo motor will pull a brass arm out of the way letting one of the handles fall completely out so the tray is no longer supported. Both handles have "roller" grips so once they are released there is no way the spectator can possibly hold it up. The tray will fall without fail. The stem of the chalice is turned wood and affixed to the pedestal of the tray magnetically so it is sturdy when set and will fall off when dropped. The actual cup itself fits into the stem, ready to crash down when tilted. It really is a sophisticated and ingenious application of mechanics.

This wonderful item is in pristine mint condition and comes complete with full original instructions. Set up is the work of about 30 seconds. Uses a single 9 Volt battery
(Thanks to John Mendoza for letting me use his text)

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