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Collectors' Workshop "In A Gilded Cage"

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Descrizione del prodotto


Product Description

Imagine the following: The performer brings out a canvas bag which he sets on his table. He then borrows a wristwatch which is wrapped in a hank and given to a spectator to hold. The performer now reaches into the bag and removes a key which he states will be of eminent importance to the owner of the watch. The performer then reaches into the bag and removes a medium sized walnut box, the lid securely padlocked. He now steps toward the spectator guarding the watch and quickly snaps the cloth covered watch from his grasp. The watch has vanished! The owner of the watch is asked to unlock the chest and to open the lid. Inside is seen the top of a gleaming brass cage which is brought forth, but instead of the expected canary, the spectator's watch is seen hooked to the wire perch inside the cage! The door is snapped open and the watch removed and returned to its owner, no worse for wear during the invisible passage through time and space. Why just imagine performing this miracle when you can actually do it!

You are supplied with everything needed: beautifully crafted walnut box, lock, gleaming brass cage, canvas bag. This will become one of your most treasured effects, garnering applause wherever performed. A true Collectors' Workshop Classic. The props are as beautiful to own as they are to perform. We guarantee you will be delighted with this effect.

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