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Alan Warner
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Alan Warner "Block-Buster"

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Descrizione del prodotto

Product Description

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The performer shows a small wooden tube (which is actually two tubes fitted together, one on top of the other) with a slot running through the middle of it. He then places a SOLID plastic slide through the slots in the middle of the tube, thereby effectively preventing a small block from travelling right through the tube.
Holding the tube vertically, the performer drops the block into the tube from the top. THE BLOCK IS HEARD TO HIT THE PLASTIC SLIDE, BUT DOES NOT FALL THROUGH THE TUBE. Mystified, the performer separates the two halves of the tube to reveal that THE BLOCK HAS IMPALED ITSELF ON THE PLASTIC SLIDE. The block may be examined by the spectator AT ANY TIME during the whole routine. If the spectator wishes, the spectator can also remove the impaled block and plastic slide from the half-tube at the completion of the effect and examine all the apparatus.
Finished in red and black gloss enamels, the complete length of the tube is 2 3/4", approximately 1" square.
Text Copyright 1972-2005 Alan Warner Mini-Magic

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