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A. Warner
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A. Warner "Tut 'N' Tiye"

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A small cabinet is displayed which the performer claims was originally thought by Egyptologists to have been taken from the tomb of KingTutankhamun. They were naturally delighted at this find, but were very disappointed when they raised the inner cabinet from the outer cabinet to find that it was completely empty. Over the years, a legend grew around this artefact that although it appeared empty it actually contained the spirit of Tutankhamun and the performer now attempts to prove that this is true. Three blank wooden tablets are then displayed and slipped into the outer cabinet through a slot in the top of it. Next, four small wooden tablets, each of which depicts a different coloured sacred scarab, are shown, turned face down and then a spectator is given a totally free selection of one of them. The inner cabinet is once again raised and the blank tablets are removed. One of the tablets is now revealed to feature a hieroglyphic cartouche! The performer’s explanation for this phenomenon is that the spirit of Tutankhamun, using hieroglyphs, has named the colour of the scarab which the spectator had freely selected. The performer then offers to translate the hieroglyphs. The colour is named by the performer and the selected scarab tablet is then turned over to reveal that he is correct. Once more the performer raises and closes the inner cabinet, pointing out that although he has shown that the spirit of Tutankhamun appears to inhabit the cabinet, it still remains empty. However, the legend handed down over the ages also promises that every 100 years the image of Tutankhamun will appear inside the cabinet and it just so happens that at this precise moment, another hundred years have elapsed. The performer now raises the inner cabinet to reveal that the image of Tutankhamun has mysteriously appeared inside the previously empty cabinet.
This effect is an Egyptian-themed version of Alan Warner’s THE SPIRIT CABINET, featuring a slightly different modus operandi from the original for smoother working. The storyline for pieces numbered 1 - 5 will feature King Tutankhamun and produce his image at the climax of the effect. Queen Tiye’s image will appear at the climax of the pieces numbered 6 – 10. Queen Tiye was Tutankhamun’s grandmother or mother, depending on which of the two theories of their true family relationship one prefers to accept. The cabinet is handcrafted in teak, with a wooden plaque depicting the Egyptian god Anubis decorating the front of it. The cabinet measures 3.75 inches x 2.75 inches x 6 inches high.
The special box which houses all the apparatus measures 8.5 inches x 7 inches x 3.5 inches and is finished in polished sapele veneer with banded inlays. The lid is decorated with a brass Egyptian motif which features a small Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Complete with full instructions for either the Tutankhamun storyline or the one featuring Queen Tiye.

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