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A. Warner "Trio"

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As the title indicates, this is a piece of apparatus which can be used in three different ways, there being two gimmicks incorporated in the wooden cover, either one or two of which are used in the following three effects:

EFFECT NO. 1:  A solid piece of plastic is displayed and then slid into the cover.  In a “tongue in cheek” presentation, the performer explains that the cover is a “hole trap” and that the piece of plastic is the bait used as a snare.  Pretending to collect various invisible holes – a square hole, three small round ones, a single round one and even a rectangular hole – the performer drops them into the cover.  When the piece of plastic is tipped out of the cover, ALL OF THESE HOLES ARE REVEALED TO HAVE MATERIALIZED IN THE PLASTIC. Moving on, the performer suddenly spies a very rare and unusual hole which is triangular in shape. He quickly replaces the “holed” piece of plastic back in the cover, then collects the invisible, unusual hole and then pretends to drop this, too, into the cover. When the piece of plastic is again tipped out of the cover, NOT ONLY ARE THE ORIGINAL HOLES IN IT, BUT ALSO THE UNUSUAL TRIANGULAR ONE.

EFFECT NO. 2:  Six different miniature playing cards are displayed from which one is selected by a spectator.  The performer then invites the spectator to place this card onto a white plastic card which is blank on both sides.  No matter how the playing card has been placed – whether face up or face down – the spectator is asked if he would like to change his mind and turn it over.   Once the spectator is satisfied with his selection, the white plastic card with the playing card on top of it is slid into the cover. When the two cards are tipped out of the cover, and depending on which image was originally face down, THIS FACE DOWN IMAGE OF THE  PLAYING  CARD  HAS  MYSTERIOUSLY  TRANS-FERRED  ITSELF ONTO WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY A PLAIN PLASTIC CARD. CORRESPONDINGLY, WHEN THE PLAYING CARD IS NOW TURNED OVER IT IS BLANK.

EFFECT NO. 3:  The performer displays four wooden plaques, each of which features an Egyptian God.  By a process of elimination, a spectator selects one of the four plaques.  The spectator is given an opportunity to change his mind at each stage of his selection until only one plaque remains.  The cover, which has been in full view at all times, is then picked up and tipped down and  OUT SLIDES ANOTHER PLAQUE WHICH MATCHES THE ONE THE SPECTATOR SELECTED. The teak cover measures 3.75" x 2.65" x 0.65" and features inlaid banding on three of its sides and a fretted motif in relief on the top of it.

A special box has been made to contain all of the necessary apparatus for performing the three effects described above.  This box, which measures 5.75" x 3.75" x 2", is finished in Sapele wood and also has inlaid banding on its sides and a fretted motif on its lid.The box has an inner tray which houses the cover used in Trio. When this tray is removed, two compartments are revealed which contain all of the necessary playing cards, plaques and white plastic cards for performing the three effects described. 


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