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Anverdi "Bolt & Nut"

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Descrizione del prodotto


Product Description

One of the finest close up effects (invented by Finn Hauger of Oslo) beautifully made by Anverdi of clear Plexiglas large enough to be seen and followed when performing before large groups. A box is shown empty to the audience and the bolt which measures nearly 5 1/2 inches in length is dropped into the box followed by placing on the lid and handing it to a spectator to hold. The nut which has been in full view on the table is vanished (in the way you prefer) When the spectator opens the box it is found that the nut seen moments before is screwed onto the bolt! This is really a fine piece of magic, rare to find, in mint condition. No instructions included. It is fantastic that Anverdi could have done such a beautiful job with this custom manufacture.

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