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Collectors' Workshop "Psychic Sword"

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Descrizione del prodotto


Product Description

 Performer displays a red- backed deck of cards face up and shuffles them, spreading them ribbon-style on the table. Opening a beautifully crafted walnut box with brass hinges, the performer removes a small, but elegant samurai sword. As he does so, it is noted that an envelope rests inside the sword box. Offering the sword to the spectator, the performer asks spectator to point to a card and push it from the pack (or stab it). "You might have made other selections, "says the performer, turning over cards at random, "but you chose the card on the sword that you've stabbed. A t this moment, no one in the world knows its identity, and for the moment, we will keep it that way. Before we arrived here tonight, I placed a single blue-backed card in the envelope, securing the envelope in the sword box. It's time to reveal my selection." The envelope is opened and the card displayed. Then, for the first time, the stabbed card is revealed. They match.

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